Fall Vegetable Planting

As I look over my Summer Vegetable garden that is now half weeds, half overgrown and drooping tomato plants I realize that it is time again to pull out the hoe, make a trip to the local garden supply store and stock up on potting mix, fall seedlings and whatever shrubberies lure me into buying them knowing full well that they will die in a year (because plants hate Alabama clay).

This year I want to do a better job of planting a Fall/Winter garden than I did last year.  Broccoli and collards are the best bet for a real harvest.  After my spring seed starting (and killing) I made an executive decision to plant only vegetables that can either be directly sewn into the ground, or buy seedlings.  I will no longer be subscribing to the tiny cups of seed starter, lamps, spray bottle and seedlings that die as soon as I have spent approximately 30 hours nurturing them.  So, a lot of what I plant this year will depend on what is available.  Now, all I have to do is clear out all the weeds, add topsoil, dig holes, plant seedlings, water, mulch with newspaper and old hay.  Simple right?  I’ll have it done in no time! I think this is why people hire gardeners, or go to farmers markets, or to the grocery store. Why do I make it so hard on myself?

Any other suggestions on good fall/winter vegetables for Alabama?


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