Long Weekend Fun

Today is Tuesday and I am exhausted.  Why you might ask would I be so tired on a Tuesday?  Because that’s what happens after a five-day weekend of family, friends and fun! My sister and her best friend arrived in the middle of the week and my best friend and college roommate got here on Thursday.

We all went to a place called Sips and Strokes, a B.Y.O.B. painting studio where they teach you step by step to paint a picture while you enjoy your beverage of choice.  We painted a ‘Funky Tree’ with do-dads all over it.  The greatest thing about places like this is that everyone’s painting comes out different, but they all resemble the original painting and are pretty similar to each other.  We had a great time and all of our paintings were spectacular!

One of the great things about having company in town is that you feel the need to do something outside of the box, that you don’t do every day of the week.  With this in mind I set out to find some cool destinations or events around town for the weekend.  Two big things popped out at us: Woofstock, a local fund raiser for the humane society that caters to dogs, and Brew and Q, a beer sampling event with live music and bbq, success!  We spent the weekend supporting the local economy, donating to the humane society, and enjoying some unique brews!  I didn’t realize how much cool stuff there was to do around here until I had a reason to look for it.

Ok, time for a nap!


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