Anniversary Dinner (a month late)

Our wedding anniversary is in mid August, about a week after my birthday.  It always seems to be a busy time of year with the end of Summer and the beginning of football season.  This year was our 2nd anniversary and for the second year in a row, we let it slip by us without much to-do.  So this week we decided to make it up to each other with a great date night out.

My husband made reservations at Maestros, one of our favorite places to go for a really nice dinner out.  We had a couple of drinks downtown before heading over for our 8 pm reservation.  Although there was no hostess, we were seated within a few minutes.  I ordered a glass of Layer Cake Malbec, a great wine for the money.  Everything on the menu looked great and they were offering a short menu of special combos that were more affordable than their main menu.

We ordered our standard appetizer because it is so delicious, Mussels with white wine and tasso ham, yummy.  The portion was generous as always, served with bread to sop up the rich wine broth in the bottom of the bowl.  I especially liked the small chunks of tomato and onion infused with all the mussel and broth taste.

Before reading the menu we were both set on steaks, but after reading through the options we each opted for something a little off the beaten path.  I ordered the pan seared snapper with fingerling potatoes and haricot vert covered in a crabmeat cream sauce.  My husband ordered the duck breast over orzo with sauted spinach.  The service at the restaurant was great, due in part I am sure to the fact that it was Tuesday night and not very busy.

Our entrees arrived and both were beyond our expectations.  My husband’s duck had a sweet sauce on it that complimented the creamy orzo and the savory meat.  The medium rare dark breast meat was cooked just right and the crispy skin provided a great texture contrast.  I stole one bite, then another, delicious!

My snapper also came with a perfectly crispy skin on one side and a soft and flaky flesh on the other.  The potatoes were tender with a coating of olive oil and slightly crisp, roasted skin.  The bright green haricot vert would have appalled my grandmother, being so undercooked, but to me they were crisp and well seasoned.  To top it all off, the sauce on top was cream based, with crab meat, lemon juice, garlic and fresh parsley.  It was rich and smooth, but tangy and flavorful, a balanced and tasty meal.

Finally, we decided that we had not indulged quite enough, that we should order dessert to put us fully into a food induced coma.  Several options looked good, but we agreed on the apple bread pudding with creme anglaise sauce.  Piping hot from the oven, covered in goey sauce with warm pieces of apple doused in cinnamon and sugar – wonderfulness!

A++ for Maestros again this time!  Service was even better than last time, they are consistently a go-to place for a special occasion out.


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