New Purchase Criteria

Recently I have been thinking about the things that we buy a lot.  Not only because I am trying to cut back on the amount of $ leaving my bank account, but also because I don’t want a lot of STUFF.  Some stuff is great, I love most of my kitchen equipment for example, most of which was expensive.  But I have found that much of the stuff I have just takes up space and then has to be cleaned or organized or thrown away.  In light of all of this thinking I have come up with a new list of criteria for anything (except food) that I buy:

1. Is it inherently useful? Does it serve a purpose, most things purchased should serve a purpose beyond just entertainment, so things like DVDs shouldn’t count.

2. Do I own something already that can serve this purpose? Just because it is new and shiny and useful doesn’t mean that I need to buy it. If I already own something that can do the same job pretty well, it isn’t worth buying something new.

3. Will it improve my life? As I go through drawers and closets I find things that I thought i really needed when I bought them, but they got tossed aside quickly.  If the thing I want to buy will not make any impact on my life, why do I need it?

4. If this thing passes all of the above, the final question is: Can I find this item used or cheaper if I look around/wait for a sale?  It will really save money in the long run to look and wait for ebay, craigslist, a yardsale or even a new item marked down for a seasonal sale.



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