Hello… (in Adele voice) it’s me, I was wondering if all these years you’d like to (read me again)

So I logged onto my wordpress site for the first time in quite a while! Turns out the last time I posted was about 3 years ago! What? I have been busy, so let me give you a quick update and let you know what will be coming in future posts!

Pecan dusk

Major life event, I had a baby boy about a year and a half ago. He will be 2 this summer, which means he’s not really a baby anymore! We bought our dream house somewhat unexpectedly about 6 months ago. Ok, you’re caught up. Seriously though it is hard to pinpoint why I haven’t felt the writers bug other than the total fog of new parenthood, but now that R is sleeping through the night consistently and we are done with the move, I am itching to document all of the exciting changes.


One of the things that has gotten me in the mood to write on the blog again is the new house, yard and garden that I am exploring. So upcoming posts will include a discovery of plants in our new yard, new vegetable garden complete with fencing and sprinklers, edible landscape (spoiler: we have 8 pecan trees!), lofty dreams of a tiny homestead, recipes and hopefully some canning once the veggies come in and the occasional parenting blunder along the way. Stay tuned and please subscribe so you don’t miss a post!


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