New House 

Front WindowA big part of the reason why I am feeling the urge to document my life again is due to the purchase of our dream home. My husband and I lived in the first house we bought together for 8 years. The last year or so of that included our new son. Although it was a 3 bedroom 2 bath, the square footage was pretty small and the space was not a layout we thought would be adequate as R gets older. The yard was nice in the front, but lacked much usable space for throwing a ball or enjoying it the way we imagined that we would want our son to be able to as he grew up. That being said, we were not actively looking for a house and our current house was not on the market.

The only problem with that plan was the fact that I am a total real estate junkie. I Love to browse Zillow, Realtor and FSBO looking at the different types of houses and properties you can get for the same amount of money. About this time (mid summer 2015) two of my friends at work were looking for a new house too. Three young families with sons just a few months apart in age, similar price range looking for houses. So I searched under the lie I told myself, “well if I find something nice I can tell them about it!” Both of the other families sold their houses and bought new ones, yet I was still browsing the market regularly.


Enjoying the huge new backyard.

About that time, I saw that there were a couple of open houses one weekend and thought it might be fun to just go check them out. The two houses were very similarly priced, right at the top of our price range, but completely different styles. One was less than 10 years old, big newer neighborhood, small lot, lots of kids in the neighborhood. The other was built in 1970, smaller square footage, but over an acre of land in an older neighborhood. We went to the older house first. When we pulled in I liked the shade from the trees and one big branch that hung low enough for us to sit our then 1 year old son on. We walked up to the double doors and went in. It had been renovated somewhat recently, the walls were all painted nice colors and the floors were in good condition. We walked through the foyer, living room, den and into the kitchen. The realtor gave us a very bland run down of the features. About this time we were making eye contact and having a non verbal conversation that only married couples and best friends can understand. We didn’t fully understand why yet, but this was our house, we both knew it before we had seen half of it. About that time the realtor said “and come see the shop outside,” we were sold.   As the tour continued we checked almost every box off of our dream house list. 2 car carport *check, plenty of storage *check, more than one living space *check, fireplace (outdoor) *check, nice kitchen *check, shop *check, big yard *check. The only thing that we compromised on was the bedrooms. All four on the same side of the house and the master bathroom is pretty small. As it turns out, the tub is an old cast iron extra deep tub which I am absolutely in love with now. We called our realtor the next day and put in an offer. After a little bit of back and forth, we had come to a price both buyer and seller were happy with. Just a couple months later, after a small flood and some new floors, we moved in! The grand plan is to live here pretty much forever, or at least until R is grown. For now we are discovering all of the amazing plants that already exist in our yard and planning to add some more of our own! Post on the grand plan to come soon!


Pet Deer in the backyard when I drove up shortly after buying the house.



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