What I Planted – After Frost Date (Sort of) April 3rd

With the garden prepped and ready, pre-frost plants in the ground I was itching to get the rest of it planted. Our official safe planting date after frost is April 15th. All the local farmers I talked to agreed that the unofficial old wives tale is don’t plant until Easter. This year Easter fell on March 27th, more than 2 weeks before the safe date. I didn’t manage to get any plants in the ground on Easter weekend, but a week later R and I packed up and made a trip to our local garden store.

Below is an updated look at what I planted about 3 weeks before, the only thing that is not up yet is the shallots:


Lettuce March 28th

Onions 2 weeks

Onions March 28th

Potato 2 weeks

First Potato Plant Up March 28th

We walked up and down the aisle looking at the small seedlings in 4 packs, the organic plants in 4″ round pots and pre-potted hanging baskets of strawberries. R was fascinated by the plants and the labels, pulling them out and putting them back in, up and down the path. I had a mental list, and knew about where things were going to go in the garden, so we started filling an empty tray with our selections. 2 organic brandywine tomatoes, 2 organic big boy, a 4 pack of smaller super sweet cherry tomatoes and 2 organic purple cherokee heirlooms. Peppers, 1 each, Serrano – my personal favorite, Red Rocket – looks similar to a cayenne, Giant Ristra – described on the label as medium hot and larger than the cayenne, and Baron bell pepper. I have not had much luck with bell peppers in the past, so I didn’t want to invest in more than one plant even though we eat them quite a bit.

Tomatoes3 Tomatoes2 Tomatoes1 Tomato4 Pepper

Finally, I planted a row of half Fortex and half Provider beans along the western edge of the garden. I have never planted green beans before, so I got 2 types, one bush and one pole. Should be an interesting experiment year. I plan to plant cucumber next to it, but haven’t found the right type yet (pickling).

Green Bean Seeds

Planted Green Bean seeds


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