Looking back…The Great Flood

I have put off writing this post because of a fear of failure. The Grand plans of January sitting in my chair browsing catalogues, writing lists, reading up on best practices for gardening, everything is optimistic and full of hope. My spring garden produced a modest harvest of small red and gold potatoes, about 2-4 per plant. The onions produced enough pearl sized onions for a giant pot of beef stew. Starting in June we had incredibly hot and dry weather, going weeks at a time with no rain. The watermelon, green beans and cucumbers were crispy fried by mid June, no amount of watering would save them. This summer’s garden was almost a complete failure apart from some tomatoes and a few peppers. As the hot and humid, but very dry summer comes to an end I am thinking fondly of the rainy days of winter we had this year. 

We had an unusually warm December, the days leading up to Christmas had highs in the 70’s. A few days before Christmas it began to rain steadily and on Christmas eve the bottom opened up, flooding an already saturated ground with more water than it could hold. We had 4+ inches of standing water in our carport, but were very fortunate that none of it got in the house.River running through the backyard.White caps in the front yard.

We had 10+ inches of rain in about 36 hours and pushed the limits of our new house’s drainage and landscaping. The monthly total was 11.5″ of precipitation. We sure could use a little bit of rain around here now. 

I accidentally left the sprinkler on in the garden yesterday morning, for almost 10 hours, whoops. Thought for sure I would have a flooded yard when I went to check it, but nope the ground soaked up every bit of it! Fall garden update coming next week. 


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