Labor Day Weekend

As 9-5 (or 7:45 – 4:45) workers, we hold dear the three day weekends of the year. We get one in January, May, July, September, and various combinations of days off during November and December depending on where you work.  We savor these long weekends because it is a departure from the normal routine, a free day to do anything or nothing.

This particular 3-day weekend, Labor Day, was especially special because here in our hometown it was also the first college game of the season.  College football is a big deal across the country, but being from the South it is truly a season that is looked forward to all year, lived and breathed in the moment and grieved when it is over for the year.  Last year, Auburn won the National Championship!  So amazing, wonderful, proud, exciting!  The only downside is that many of our great players were seniors last year and therefore graduated and/or went on to the pros.  This brings us to this year, our team is relatively unknown and inexperienced, but we are ranked #23 in the nation.

The tailgaters began arriving on Thursday, bringing RV’s, lawn chairs, satellite tv, grills, and plenty of libations with them.  By Friday morning the campus begins to transform from groups of bustling students hurrying to and from class to retirees camped out under tents with widescreens and generators.  By Friday about 3, only the most devoted employees are still at their desks, most have gone to check on their tailgate spot, smokers, or guests in from out of town.  This year my dad decided to keep his season tickets and go to some games, taking me along to the season opener.

Saturday morning I got up, ate a big breakfast, put the dogs in the car, went to the barn and fed Pepper, then headed over to Mom and Dad’s to get ready to go to the game.  Orange Auburn shirt, check, orange and blue shakers, check, sunscreen and sunglasses, check.  Off we went, driving as close as we could get to campus and then finding a parking spot.  We thought that we would stay until half time and then go home, we were sure to beat the un-ranked Utah State team, right? Wrong.

We were tied or trailed the entire 1st half, getting back some momentum before halftime.  The third quarter we both continued to run the score up, we did not lead once during the game.  By the end of the fourth quarter it was looking desperate, with 4 minutes left in the game Utah State scored again, bringing their lead to 10 points.  Many of the fans gave up at the point, left the game, blaming the defense, the offense and bad coaching.  We decided to stick it out, yes it was hot, yes we were tired and thirsty and out of money because we had already spent approximately $100 on water.  But we were there and we were going to see them through to the end.  After an amazing drive and an onside kick followed by another touchdown, we won the game in the final seconds! War Eagle!

My husband and I spent a very rainy (thanks to a tropical depression) Sunday and Monday on the couch with good movies, catching up on Dexter season 4 and a cuddly Emma dog.  I started a new knitting project for a niece, reteaching myself to purl.  I signed up for a knitting class later this Fall that helps you complete a whole sweater, so I had to refresh on the basics!  One of the best things about a really rainy, crappy day off is that is gives you an excuse to do absolutely nothing!  We took full advantage, being very lazy and cozy on the couch all day long.

Monday night we had my parents over for dinner.  We made a new recipe, Greek Burgers, but used pitas cut in half instead of rolls.  Especially good with a side of scalloped potatoes and brownies, brought by Mom.  What a great way to spend a long weekend full of rain that we desperately need!


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